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Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Often times we don't know what we want to do after high school or even college! Okay, so we got our degree, now what? While a lot of people have incredible success stories post-graduation, others don't. Don't be discouraged! It's all part of God's plan!

I once met a woman who told me that she graduated from FAU (Florida Atlantic University) at the age of 16 with her bachelor's. She proceeded to complete her Master's and has had a fruitful life since! She now own's her own company!

I met two boys who graduated with their AA (Associate's in Arts) Degree before their High School Diploma. They finished high school with two years of college done! Fast forward two years later, they have a spot reserved in a Medical School within a Private University and are studying for their MCATs. Success!

While those are a couple of success stories that went "their way", there are other who don't necessarily, but so what! I'm telling you... God has a plan.

I came across a girl who applied to Vet school but didn't get accepted on her first try. Her GPA was "eh" and GRE scores were better. Fast forward a year, she applied again and got accepted into one of the top Veterinary Schools on FULL SCHOLARSHIP. Yeah, she was disheartened in the beginning and considered even giving up, but hey, she left it in God's hands, tried again, and voila!

I know another girl who applied to Medical School and didn't get in. She was so upset and prayed about it. A day before classes began she received her acceptance! She is now doing her residency!

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